Monday, November 15, 2010

i'm on the pursuit of happiness.

“To get up each morning with the resolve to be happy... is to set our own conditions to the events of each day. To do this is to condition circumstances instead of being conditioned by them.”
I admit that I have trouble doing this. It is challenging for me to be able to control my emotions and just focus on what makes me happy and what will make my life the most positive. I tend to have expectations for people that will inevitably make me disappointed, but I can't find a way to control that. This quote describes how I ideally want to look at the world, and how I want to live life. At the moment at least, I tend to keep focusing on the aspects of my life that just get me upset and sad, which just makes me more upset and sadder. I need to change that. It's important to "look back on only what makes you smile" and to not dwell on the past. Don't forget the lessons you've learned through the mistakes in the past, but don't dwell on what you could've done differently. Don't regret anything you've done, you did it for a reason and it will lead you to the person you need to become.

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