Sunday, August 28, 2011

there's no such thing as perfect.

I can’t write the perfect letter, simply because I am not perfect and that is something I cannot change. I cannot explain everything I feel, because sometimes there are not enough words. But I can tell you this, despite everything that happens in life, I am here for you. My friends, my lovers, and all those in between.
To the strangers I have never met and to the people I have yet to meet. The world may not stop for a broken heart, but I will stop in my steps to help you up when you fall down. When you think you’re alone, when you think life isn’t worth the hassle–there will always be someone beside you, whether you are aware of this or not. Keep it strong, keep moving, wherever you are and whoever you are, you’re you. Don’t change to fit someone else’s ideals. Transform into the beautiful being you are, live to your full potential.
Don’t let your love become hate, learn to forgive with time. Friends will come and go, but you’ll never be alone, even in your darkest moment…there will always be light. Don’t depend on others to fill the void in your heart-happiness is only something you can find for yourself, so follow your heart, reach your dreams. And even if things don’t go as planned, start again and just keep fighting.
Be yourself, love unconditionally. If you want change, take it by the hand, and pull it towards you and don’t be afraid of the consequences. Anything is possible if you really want it. The world isn’t perfect, and neither are the people in it. Don’t look down, look up, it’s okay to be afraid but don’t let it overtake you. You’re human, we’re all human. Pain won’t last forever, and you won’t always be alone.
There will always be someone next to you.
-Aoi x

letters i'll never send. 

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