Monday, September 5, 2011

this could really be a good life.

Earlier today, I was thinking about the phrase "everything happens for a reason".  I think that people can either find that really inspiring or really frustrating.  For those dealing with family members/friends who get cancer, tragically die, etc., this quote can end up making them feel alone, defeated, and confused.  I think a good way to interpret this quote is that there really is no reason for a lot of things that happen in life.  However, you can choose to create positive lessons and experiences out of negative, tragic, difficult situations.  For example, in my life, there's no reason God allowed my dad to get cancer and to lose his short term memory and to have my family undergo all these rough changes that go with it.  I've come to realize, though, how much I've grown and learned from having to deal with this every day.  I've learned to have patience and to be able to handle more than typical people my age.  I would never ask for any of this to happen to my dad, but since I can't undo it or change it, I might as well look at how I'm growing from it.  Nobody's life is perfect; challenge yourself to look at the hard times you inevitably face in a different way.  There will be days when you feel down and defeated- everyone has them, but it's the overall motivation to look at the positive side and at the important fact that YOU ARE NOT ALONE in any of this.  With these thoughts in mind, you can get through anything. 

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