Monday, September 17, 2012

stay eager.

One aspect of human nature than can either be wonderful or destructive is the fact that one can make up their own reality in how they see themselves, no matter how true it is or how other's actually view them. I've realized that when I'm insecure about something, I tend to let that influence my view of myself and how I think others are viewing me. I make myself feel inadequate and I end up feeling as though people don't like me. We owe it to ourselves to be determined to always build ourselves up, not knock ourselves down. As much as we all care what others think of us, it's our self-view that ends up mattering most. So, if you find yourself knocking yourself down, stop, and take a moment to remember how special you are and how it only takes a little self-pick me up to realize that you are loved and that those negative thoughts will only make you start to turn into that negative person.