Friday, June 24, 2011

just one step at a time.

One day at a time. That is all you have to do is face life, your dreams and all the challenges one day at a time.

So many times we can get caught up in the possible outcomes of the future that we become our own worst enemies. Huh? When we imagine all the possible negative outcomes and then let those dictate our picture of the future, we are not doing our dreams or ourselves any good.

There is no use worrying about things that haven't happened yet. This isn't to say that we shouldn't prepare for all possible outcomes. Knowing the potential negative outcome of any situation is a good thing; but to obsess, focus on the worry only about the negative outcomes takes us out of pragmatism and into negative life creation.

The balanced Seeker on The Path must consult the negative mind and the positive mind and let our neutral minds decide. To be too optimistic without the awareness of the possible negative outcomes can set us up for dramatic failure, as can being so negative about a potential outcome that that is all we focus on as well.

Balance is the key. Starting now is the engine and belief/faith is the fuel.

We meet the future one day and one challenge at a time. It is not wise to project a negative outcome towards the future, unless that is what you want to create. And no one really wants to create a negative outcome. Project positivity, be aware of negativity and reside in the neutrality of a calm mind.

If you're feeling overwhelmed, take a step back and breathe. Don't try to solve everything all at once. Instead, just take the next step. It's so easy to get overwhelmed by our dreams and all the things that "have to" happen, that we never start. One step forward is better than none. Persistence pays over time. Take one step a day and pretty soon you're well on your way.

Relax dear Seeker, let go a little. Don't worry about what will happen a week, a month or a year from now. Meet the present moment knowing that you are provided for and just take one step today. You don't have to climb that mountain all at once. Just one step at a time.



the daily love. 

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