Sunday, July 17, 2011

just sometimes.

Just sometimes. I have the impulse to stand outside and just stare upwards, stare into space for a while until everything about me becomes a sea of calm.
Just sometimes. I like to walk, for no reason, in any direction. Slow walks heading to somewhere new, somewhere i can experience new sights, sounds and smells. A place where exploring isn’t something old.
Just sometimes. I sit down with a pen and paper and make my imagination come to life, scrawl down all the random thoughts i have and make a vast story of craziness, just because i can.
Just sometimes. I’ll sing in the middle of the night, sing songs of happiness with lyrics of joy.
I don’t do these things because I’m insane.
I do them because life isn’t about complaining about details, it’s about enjoying those details, life is for living.
So live it.
letters i'll never send. 

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