Tuesday, May 31, 2011

by being you.

This is for those people growing up in countries who don’t have it all.
Those people who are surrounded by material wealth, but have none for themselves.

For anyone who’s ever been abused or bullied. By any one, in any place, at any time.
Those people who’ve had to stand by and watch their family and friends all fall down around them and weren’t able to stop it.

For those girls and women who’ve ever been mistreated in any way.
For those children who were born into a life they didn’t deserve.

For those people who were told they’d never make it.
Those people who were told they’re too dumb, too poor, too skinny, too weak.
Too coloured, too uneducated, too fat, too ugly, too unsociable, too slow.

This is for, you.
You are you, the best thing you can be is you. By being you, you tell the world you’re here to make a claim. You tell the world you will not be moved by all the walls collapsing around you. You tell the world you are strong. You tell the world you will make it.
You lead by example.
You lead from the frontline.
You show people the change you want to see.You show people you will not be felled.
You show people the bad things you’ve seen will not break you.
You teach people to dream.
You teach people to be inspiring.

You show the world what they need to see.
You show the world the potential it has in it.

You show the world you are beautiful, you are intelligent and you are strong.You show the people of the world, they can make it.
And you do all this,
By being You.
letters i'll never send.

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