Saturday, May 14, 2011

patience is a virtue.

In my life, patience is a daily struggle for me.  Because my dad has short term memory loss, everything has to be repeated to him multiple times, from what day it is to what we're having for dinner to where my mom is when she's out running errands.  This every day can understandably be challenging at times, especially after a long, tiring day of school.  Even though I'd do anything to have my life/my family's life not be this way, I have learned a lot from this way of life.  I can now handle more without breaking down and I've learned to appreciate the present and focus on what's going on now.  My dad may not remember that we ate dinner together or watched tv together or joked around together, but I do.  These precious moments with him are important, and so savoring these times and trying my hardest to stay patient, kind, and loving is essential. 

Everyone has something they struggle with every day.  Challenge yourself to rise above it and find the lessons you learn in those obstacles.  Realize how amazing and strong you are by simply overcoming this every day.

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