Monday, February 20, 2012

"go confidently in the direction of your dreams! live the life you have imagined!"

Today, I was checking the comments on my blog and came across one written on Friday:
I don't know who you are, or how old you are, but I want to tell you that I stumbled upon your blog back in November, and have REALLY enjoyed checking in with it over the last few months.

I've bookmarked your blog, because you remind me a lot of a Younger Me. And I find it nice to be reminded of that younger person whose enthusiasm and love for life is still very much alive in me. Just wanted you to know ;)

Fyi, I am a 30 year old yoga teacher living in Toronto, Canada. And actually, I wrote about you and your blog on MY website back in November. Here is the link to that post:

 Seeing this post made my day. I couldn't believe that someone who I didn't even know had been reading my blog for almost three months and had been inspired by my posts. It felt amazing to know that my posts were actually reaching others in personal ways. I'm so grateful that she took the time to let me know that she had been reading, because now I'm more determined than ever to continue this blog and to stay positive through the ebb and flow of life. I can't wait to explore her website and learn about her inspirations, dreams, and hopes for the world. Here's a link to it- yoga for the people. 

Also, here is the post she wrote on her website when she came across my blog. Like I said before, her words mean so much; I am going to print this post out for a constant reminder that expressing my thoughts and inspirations is worth it.

Confession: I've felt in need of a little inspiration lately, so I googled it. Oh, bless the internet. I first stumbled upon some inspirational quotes, many of which I was already familiar with, and then remembered a card from a dear friend of mine that I have sitting at home. It's displayed front and center in my apartment on top of my bookshelf. The front of the card features a picture of a small child walking (confidently?) down a long country road and also includes that famous Henry David Thoreau quote:
"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you have imagined!"
At this point in my travels through world wide web I've decided that I am going to write a blog entry about the above quote, so I set about google-searching for images that I might be able to re-post on here that would illustrate it nicely. I type into google "go confidently", select the 'images' search and after clicking through a few different pages I find myself getting lost in the lovely words of an upbeat young college student in Illinois, on her blog which you can go to and enjoy for yourself by clicking HERE.
I smiled as I browsed through this young woman's many optimistic blog posts, featuring a pot-pourri of inspiring images and enthusiastic words of gratitude, because she reminded me of myself a few years ago. I smiled because (having recently turned 30) I'd been thinking lately about "that girl" that I was in my early twenties, how energized "she" was with ideas and plans and hopes and dreams for 'the future'. My dear friend Alison, loves to remind me of how I used to exclaim "I'm so excited about our future!!"And again, I smile remembering "that girl" who was, and really still is, me. I feel it was rather serendipitous that I should stumble upon the blog of this anonymous young american college student today, when I am feeling so in need of that youthful enthusiasm and drive that I feel I once possessed. Reading her words has helped me to reconnect to that "inner 21 year old" who still lives inside of me, and whose energy, hope and determination I am going to need in the coming weeks and months as I embark on an exciting new business venture. I have bookmarked this young woman's blog, so that I can tap into her "fountain of youthful enthusiasm" on a daily basis, and nurture my inner 21 year old with the virtual camaraderie that she needs to help keep "us" motivated!

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