Sunday, March 4, 2012

"people can't hurt you unless you let them."

Lately, I've let certain situations get the best to me to the point where my happiness was completely revolved around it. This makes me extremely frustrated at myself because all I want is to forget about it all and move on and regain my happiness. I had the realization last week during a low point that I had to take full ownership of my feelings and start actively working to make myself feel better. Before, I was relying on the situation to mend itself and for others to somehow fix it all. However, there's only so much others can do. I can only be as happy as I let myself. It's not always easy, but it's possible and completely worth it. This might mean taking a step back from things/people that are making me unhappy despite how difficult it is or giving myself little pep talks throughout the day. As one of my favorite quotes says: ".. nobody said it would be easy; they just promised it'd be worth it." One day at a time, I am determined to get back all my happiness and be okay, and so can you. No matter what, you can overcome your problems and be led by the greater good of your dreams and your future. We'll do it together.