Monday, March 12, 2012

we have negative thoughts for a reason.

You can't just think positive; it's not how it works. We have negative thoughts for a reason. The GOAL is to consult your positive thoughts, consult your negative thoughts and then let your neutral mind that is attached to the Spirit decide. Too much positive thinking can lead to positive denial, which can really mess you up in a way that isn't good. Too much positive thinking left unchecked with reality can be a bad thing. Just like too much negative thinking left unchecked can be extremely harmful. No amount of faux positive thinking will change anything if you are deep in the depths of a negative tailspin and your actions are, too. First, we must learn to take an honest assessment of reality and accept our negative thoughts and love them. Because our negative thoughts are a part of us, and if we don't love them, there is a part of ourselves that we aren't loving. We want to accept them, go INTO them, express them and understand them, but not DWELL on them. Sometimes you just need a good 5 minutes in a negative temper tantrum to let it out. I guided a few clients back to moments of severe trauma and, instead of avoiding the pain, they went INTO it, felt it and then gave that painful moment a new meaning. I can't get fully into the process here, but I call it Divine Reframing. It's a process through which we go back and see painful events through the eyes of The Uni-verse, through the eyes of unconditional Love. We use the negative as a gateway to understand the deeper meaning of events - not from a human perspective, but from the perspective of The Uni-verse. And the way my clients got healed was, instead of just talking about the past, instead of just talking around their pain, they went STRAIGHT into it, felt it and through a 20-minute closed-eye process, restructured the event to see it through new and unconditionally loving eyes. 

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