Friday, December 10, 2010

give a little bit.

Little surprises and thoughtfulness are always what get me through the day.  A lot of the time, the people probably don't even know the impact that they are making.  It could be anything from a small compliment to a friend telling me how much I mean to her.  Today and yesterday, I've gotten candy in my locker from a "secret santa".  I'm not involved in any secret santa exchanges where we've given our locker combinations, so I have no idea who it could be.  I can only think of two, maybe three, people who know my combination, and these people read this, so I want to express how much it means to me.  It makes my day opening my locker and finding a little treat and knowing someone went out and got it just for me.  In 8th grade, two of my friends were my "secret admirer" and brought me candy and small gifts for Valentine's Day.  I'll never forget that.  Take time out of your day to impact someone.  Step out of your routine of just going through the motions.  Make someone's day.  Go and put your love into action.

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