Friday, December 17, 2010

take my hand, and we'll make it i swear.

When my dad found out he was sick about two years ago, our community was SO supportive for our family. One day when they knew nobody would be home, they brought those flowers and made them into a shape of a heart in our backyard (see pic). They also had all our friends write us notes telling us how much they are praying for us and our there for us. It definitely let us know that we could get through this and had the whole community behind us 100%.

Little instances like this where someone goes out of their way for you is amazing. It means way more to the person than they think it will. Try to go out of your way for someone who needs an extra boost or needs support. You never know how much it will affect them. Also, those who are maybe going through a challenging time- know that you have more people there for you than you think, no matter what! Even if there is nobody at your school or community who you feel like you can talk to, know that I am here! I know how hard it feels thinking you have nobody to talk to; nobody should feel that way! My blog and I personally here for support, advice, to listen, anythingg!

You are stronger than you think.
What doesn't kill you make you stronger.
You are amazing-- just the way you are.
You are made to do amazing things.
You are loveable and worthy of being loved, no matter what.

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